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Alec Smith Works HARD

Alec Smith believes in “Work hard, be kind”. More than a motto, Alec strives to live his life this way.

“There’s always something to improve on and work towards and if you work hard and are kind to the people around you along the way, then I believe good things will come from it”

– Alec Smith, C+L Athlete

Alec certainly works hard. Raised in a family of Crossfit champions, the former competitive gymnast saw Crossfit as a way to leverage his skills and gain strength.

Working out several times a day and ramping up before competitions means an intense training schedule. He prepares thoroughly to meet the demands of this schedule, carefully planning out his meals and really watching his intake.

“As a professional athlete I am skeptical about what I put into my body,” Alec says. “I feel that CBD helps me recover and supports my goals to be a better athlete every day.”

A Regimen for Getting Stronger

Alec integrates Champions + Legends into his training regimen the same way he does workouts and active recovery. Taking the PREPARE Tincture in his morning coffee and bringing the PERFORM Oral Spray in his gym bag for a mid-workout boost; Alec relies on the RECOVER Muscle Rub for soreness and pain to keep him going throughout the day.

“I’ve really been enjoying the RECOVER Muscle Rub. I love the smell and I’m always sore - I find it really makes a difference.”

Becoming the Fittest in the World

Making Champions + Legends part of his routine allows Alec to work harder and see how far he can push it to reach his goals. Diligent in working to reach these goals, he wants to prove to himself he can do it more than anything else.

Alec wants to push himself to his genetic limits and show he can be the fittest on earth.

“I want to be an example to the LGBTQ+ community and show that with hard work you can do anything”

“If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself you become better.”

– Alec Smith, C+L Athlete

Leading with Kindness and Compassion

Coming out in 2019 in a heartfelt video to his Instagram followers, Alec has become a role model for the LGBTQ+ community. Following his video, Alec received tremendous support for his courage in sharing that part of his life.

Breaking barriers and embracing your individuality can be a journey, but Alec has been able to use his personal story to encourage kindness and compassion. And, of course - demonstrate how far hard work and determination can take you.