Ben Hoffman finds his competitive advantage image

Ben Hoffman finds his competitive advantage

Ben Hoffman races at the highest level and appreciates the honest feedback it garners.

“It shows you where you stack up and how the work you did translates to performance and success. There is no hiding on race day, and I am looking to find my limit and then rewrite it”

   - Ben Hoffman

       Seven time Ironman winner.


When it comes to performance, having a clear mind is key for Ben.

“Physically we all do a similar load of training, but the mind is the final frontier”

   - Ben Hoffman

Although Ben turns to massage, yoga and meditation to work on that clarity, once he incorporated full-spectrum CBD into his training routine, he found that it really worked to give him a competitive advantage.

“Champions + Legends CBD products help me achieve an optimal state of mind both on and off the course... At the highest level of Ironman racing, differences are incremental between the professionals, but this helps give me an edge on my competition.”

   - Ben Hoffman


Ben uses PERFORM Oral Spray to give him a heightened mental clarity to help him stay engaged during his most intense training days.

“It eliminates some of the background "buzz" and allows me to concentrate on what is important, whether that is attacking a workout or being totally quiet in my mind at the end of the day to relax”

   - Ben Hoffman

Using the RECOVER Tincture at night has been important for his recovery, and for ensuring good rest. Ben credits CBD for reducing anxiety, helping him to achieve more optimal sleep and helping his body and mind in recovery between sessions - keeping him healthy and on-track.

“Using C+L products has been a game changer for me, especially in this wild year of uncertainty.“

   - Ben Hoffman

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