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CBD: A Performance Booster for Athletes

CBD has finally got the spotlight it deserves, and lately, it’s been gaining a lot of hype in the world of sports. CBD has been featured in some of the leading sports magazines like Outside Magazine and Runner’s World. And that’s just the start; today, more and more athletes are seeing how the hidden potential of CBD can have a positive impact on their health and improve their overall performance, while helping them recover more quickly from intense training and workouts.

CBD is the hottest health supplement of the moment, and for good reason, every type of athlete is set to reap the benefits.

An athlete’s life is all about working hard, pushing their body, and rigorous training. There is always tough competition and no room for excuses. An optimally functioning mind and body are the core requirements of a winning athlete. Athletes train every day and prepare for huge sports events, but often they run into roadblocks such as pain from injuries and a lack of focus.

CBD is turning out to be a solution for all such obstacles. Its therapeutic benefits are advantageous for athletes, proving to be a promising addition to an athlete’s health and fitness regime.

The link between CBD and Athletic Performance

Most athletes might have heard of the term ‘runner’s high.’ It is that euphoric sensation of hard-earned joy and fulfillment that you feel after a challenging training session. You might find this hard to believe, but endorphins don’t entirely cause these feelings of joy and euphoria. A fatty acid named anandamide also has a vital part to play in making us feel good. After a steamy workout, anandamide is visible at elevated levels.

You might still be confused about anandamide. To put it in plain language, it’s the ‘happy chemical’ naturally produced by the body and is responsible for sensations of well-being, relaxation, euphoria and pain relief. When CBD enters our body, it directly increases the amount of anandamide, resulting in increased benefits and decreased side effects.

When athletes use CBD, It helps them improve their performance in several ways:

Shown to relieve pain and soothe inflammation
Various studies have discovered that CBD effectively manages difficult to treat pain, which includes stiff joints, sore muscles, and musculoskeletal pain from strenuous exercises. The pain which almost all athletes feel is caused by inflammation and microscopic muscle tears.

Other research on CBD also suggests that it has anti-inflammatory properties that play a vital role in pain management. You might not know it, but CBD can help reduce inflammation so athletes can better prepare their bodies for another training session.

Improves focus
The significance of attention and focus in sports is a no-brainer. Some athletes are known to take pre and post work out supplements containing vast amounts of caffeine, helping them enhance their focus for the big game. CBD can help athletes in improving their focus and attention by reducing stress and anxiety.

CBD interacts with several receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which regulate fear and anxiety, hindering the fear response which athletes commonly feel during or before a big game. When athletes use CBD, it helps them suppress the amount of stress they feel, directly impacting their performance.

Increases the quality of sleep
Knowing tomorrow is the big game can make you stay up all night, thinking about how you will perform in front of hundreds of spectators. A good night’s rest and sleep are crucial for optimal sports performance and speedy recovery. When we’re sleeping, our body gets the chance to regenerate and heal the damaged muscle fibers that were torn during training.

According to research, CBD helps you moderate and regulate sleep routines. Therefore, improving the quality of sleep along with its duration. CBD also helps athletes who are struggling with sleeping disorders like insomnia. CBD also helps in boosting the immune system and helps in controlling the appetite as well.

It’s clear that CBD can help athletes enhance their performance, but is every CBD product made equal? No. Full-spectrum CBD is the only type of extract designed to give you the maximum benefits. If you are looking for organic full-spectrum CBD products that are tailor-made to give you a boost in your sports performance, Champions + Legends has just the supplements for you:

Enter The C+L PERFORM Series


The C+L PERFORM oral spray is made to be used during challenging workouts, offering you a concentrated dose of CBD, enhancing concentration and focus as you train hard. The C+L PERFORM CBD oil oral spray is the best solution for athletes who are looking for a rapid and convenient intake while they train. The formula of this CBD oral spray is made from full-spectrum organic hemp extract CBD, which is 100% legally-compliant, making it safe to use. The spray promotes higher impact training with complete focus and attention.

How to use
Always shake well before using the spray. Use 4-6 times, as required. For optimal results, spray it under your tongue and then swallow. The dosage can be adjusted as required for best performance.