At Champions + Legends, we believe in a systematic process to identify, work towards, and ultimately achieve one’s goals. We also recognize that failing to prepare is preparing to fail, which is why we created custom formulated CBD products to prime your body for physical and mental activity. The C+L PREPARE Series is designed with athletes in mind so you can perform at your very best. Below we’ve highlighted some of the benefits of our full-spectrum CBD products in addressing common issues associated with athletic training so you can determine how to incorporate our tools into your training arsenal.

Pain Relief

Exercise-related pain affects all athletes, regardless of their fitness level. Moreover, an athlete’s ability to properly manage pain is essential to their success, since it can have significant negative impact on athletic performance, reducing joint range of motion, muscle strength and forcing the athlete to make alterations to their technique.

Intensive exercise typically causes microscopic damage to muscle fibres, which is part of the adaptation process that leads to muscle remodelling for greater endurance and strength. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a common post-exercise phenomenon, resulting in pain that ranges from mild to severe and occurs 1-2 days after exercise and lasts up to 3-5 days after athletic training.

To reduce pain, many athletes use over-the-counter and prescription pain medications. However, regular use of analgesic medications poses significant health risks, as well as risk of physiological dependence and even addiction. CBD is both safe and effective in providing pain relief, offering an all-natural alternative to current options.

Muscle Relaxation

To maintain a high level of performance, athletes need to address muscle stiffness, aches and cramping that often result from intense physical activity. Natural treatments for muscle stiffness include massage, rest and applying heat or ice packs, however, these techniques are not always effective in providing relief. In addition, traditional muscle relaxant medications, such as spasmolytic drugs and neuromuscular blockers, often have harmful side effects, including fatigue, drowsiness, liver damage, and can even cause addiction.

CBD-based treatments may be effective in treating muscle spasticity, with the potential to promote dilation of blood vessels, a process called vasodilation, which results in the enhanced flow of oxygenated blood and improves blood circulation to muscles, providing further muscle relaxation and increased oxygen and nutrient delivery. The muscle-relaxing properties of CBD may help to reduce muscle spasms from intensive training, dehydration, or injury.