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CBD for CrossFit

CrossFit is tough on anybody, a gruelling sport that really puts you through the ringer. You don’t have to be a professional CrossFit athlete to experience strains, sprains and tendonitis that can result from this challenging sport.

“All of us who are chasing the CrossFit dream are dealing with some nags, soreness, stiffness and inflammation. It’s all a part of being an athlete and pushing yourself to the limit.”

- C+L Athlete Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Pushing yourself to the limit can often mean dealing with lingering injuries or feeling pain.

“Let’s just say this hurt a lot, I didn’t want to do it [...] And I’m gonna be feeling it tomorrow. But it was such a good workout. The ones you don’t want to do always are.”

C+L Athlete Alec Smith

And like you, CrossFit athletes push through to get their training in, and make those gains.

“Success is looking at the guy next to you and knowing if he works hard, you gotta work harder. It is built one rep, one grind, one workout at a time.”

- C+L Athlete Pat Vellner

Making CBD part of your training routine can provide some key benefits, keeping you on track for success:

  • CBD can help decrease muscle and joint pain. Crossfit really takes a toll on joints and tendons, and can cause the onset of arthritis, especially if you overdo it or are injured while still relatively young.
  • CBD has been shown to help reduce inflammation. Because CrosFitters use repetitive gripping and lifting motions, 'Tennis elbow' and Achilles Tendonitis are common overuse injuries, often treated with rest, ice and Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • CBD is a safer alternative than regular use of Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Unlike regularly popping ibuprofen or high dose aspirin to ease pain, taking CBD won't potentially put you at risk for kidney damage. CBD works by interacting with your body's endocannabinoid system, responsible for maintaining a sense of balance, which affects your mood and perception of pain.
  • CBD can reduce anxiety and stress. Struggling with injuries and can be really stressful. CBD works to help manage stress by increasing serotonin levels in the brain, which is a chemical messenger that promotes the feelings of calmness, happiness, and well-being.
  • CBD has been shown to improve sleep quality. CrossFitters know they need to get their training in, even when they are battling fatigue. Getting solid rest before the next training day is critical. CBD has been shown to help regulate sleep patterns and support your body's natural circadian rhythms.
The Champions + Legends lineup of CBD tools integrate seamlessly into your CrossFit training, with tinctures and softgels to get muscle pain under control and topical solutions including muscle creams, rubs and patches to address specific pain points and inflammation so you can recover faster and continue achieving new personal bests.

Our full-spectrum CBD products are well-rounded, addressing all aspects of training, giving you the tools you need to work even harder than the guy next to you.