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CBD Topicals For Athletes

As an athlete, we know you’re looking for ways to optimize your recovery after intense physical activity. CBD topicals (formulations you can apply directly to your skin), have become very popular and the range of available products continues to grow. We know the number of different options can seem overwhelming, but understanding how these types of products can potentially benefit you doesn’t have to be confusing. To help you cut through the noise we’re going to explore different types of topicals on the market and discuss how you can incorporate them as part of your active recovery routine.

To start, it’s important for you to understand a few basics about topical CBD products. Topicals include any type of CBD product you can apply directly to your skin. You may also have seen them called “transdermal” CBD products as well. They include formulations like creams and gels that can be massaged directly into sore muscles and joints, concentrated rubs for deeper penetration, and transdermal patches that you can cut and apply in specific locations on your body. Whether you’re looking to get relief from a stiff knee joint or treat sore hamstrings, a CBD topical can be applied directly where you need it most for sustained relief.

Topicals also offer you the flexibility to easily control your dosage. You can simply apply less or more product as needed, giving you the ability to calibrate your dose exactly how you want it. Topicals also tend to have slower absorption versus supplements that you ingest orally since they enter your system via the skin. This makes them ideal for pre-bedtime applications so you can experience relief while you sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling rested and recovered.

At Champions + Legends we have specifically formulated our RECOVER Series to address post-workout aches, pains, and inflammation by using our full-spectrum CBD. Regular use as part of your active recovery can promote blood flow, muscle repair, relieve soreness and inflammation, and support a deeper, more restful sleep. We use full-spectrum CBD in all our products because we believe it’s the most effective form of CBD with the greatest potential to help you train harder and recover faster. Our entire range of CBD supplements is tested six times across the supply chain so you can be confident our products will help you enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Champions + Legends RECOVER Series includes several topical options, allowing you to select the one that suits your training and recovery needs. Our Muscle Cream and Muscle Rub let you target sore muscles and painful joints for a dose of concentrated relief where you need it most. Our easy-to-use Roll-On Gel uses an innovative applicator with stainless steel balls that allows you to massage the formula on your body. Our Transdermal Patch is designed for easy application and overnight wear. You can cut the patch to your desired size and apply it directly where you need it. You’ll get long-lasting, continuous dosage from our patch that’s perfect for your downtime or while you sleep.

While there are many ways for you to incorporate CBD into your routine, we believe the flexibility and easy use of CBD topicals can bring a new dimension to your recovery. Try them out and experience how they can help you train harder and push further.