How To Optimize Your Mobility - Featuring Pat Vellner image

How To Optimize Your Mobility - Featuring Pat Vellner

Crossfit athlete Pat Vellner is an elite champion who understands the value of mobility as a key to achieving explosive power and strength. He’s not only a top tier competitor and 3-time podium finisher in the Crossfit Games, but he’s also a former gymnast, and a trained chiropractor. If anyone knows a thing or two about mobility, it’s Pat.

As a Crossfit athlete, Pat has to be versatile. The Crossfit Games include everything from swimming to gymnastics to weightlifting. Being able to transition seamlessly between activities is key to victory. The range of physical demands within Crossfit requires solid mobility. As a former gymnast Pat has an edge, but dedicated mobility training is an important component of his training regimen. In describing his approach to training Pat says: “Every year, you're only as good as your last year. You have to enjoy the title while you have it, because it might not last very long. The work is never done”.

As a trained chiropractor, Pat understands the importance of taking care of one’s body through active recovery. “I think my knowledge of movement mechanics helps me with my motor patterns and obviously the general health knowledge helps me know when to try and push through some hurt and when I should back off. It also doesn’t hurt that I can give myself some muscle treatment if I need and have lots of access to chiropractic care.” In addition to technical stretching routines, Pat also understands the power of full-spectrum CBD supplements as an aid in promoting important recovery factors like improved blood flow and decreased pain and inflammation post training.

Champions + Legends RECOVER series offers potent, full-spectrum CBD in rapid intake form including tinctures and softgels, as well as topical versions like our Muscle Cream and Muscle Rub which offer targeted relief where you need it most. C+L RECOVER series is the perfect addition to your active recovery routine, offering your body an extra boost on rest days. Pat knows that faster recovery allows him to train harder and push himself farther in pursuit of his goals. As a dynamic champion, it makes sense that his approach to training is equally flexible, always changing to take advantage of the finest routines, practices and supplements available. Make sure to follow Pat on Instagram to see how he incorporates the Champions + Legends lineup of custom formulated CBD products into his daily routine.