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How To Use CBD To Kick Start Your Day

Whether you’re preparing your body for fitness or your mind for a productive day, research has demonstrated that a solid morning routine contributes to achieving peak performance. Starting your day on the right foot with a solid morning routine can not only help build good habits that will carry over into the rest of your day, it can also remove excess decision-making processes and ease overthinking first thing in the morning. Incorporating the right CBD supplements into any morning routine can be simple and extremely efficient, and in no time you’ll be reaping the benefits of CBD as it helps support you all day long.

Before you consider its place in your morning routine, it’s important to look at the many positive ways CBD can help set your day up for success. A morning dose can help prepare your mind and body for optimum performance with a number of benefits like enhanced calm, improved blood flow for relaxed muscles, and increased focus and clarity. At Champions + Legends our PREPARE Series of custom formulations has been designed to provide you with maximum CBD benefits in easy-to-use form factors that incorporate seamlessly into any morning routine, no matter how busy you are. So whether you start your day with a workout or a healthy breakfast, our PREPARE supplements pack a potent punch of CBD to kick start your day.

PREPARE Tincture

Our pre-workout maximum benefit tincture can be taken alone by taking a few drops under your tongue in the middle of your daily grooming routine or before you head out the door. The tincture is also very easily mixed into a variety of foods like your morning protein shake or as a power-up to your favorite coffee or tea.

PREPARE Softgels

These convenient, pre-workout easy-absorption softgels will easily become part of your morning supplement routine. Simply pop a couple softgels as you would any other vitamin or supplement with a sip of water and you’re good to go.

As you feel the benefits of the right CBD supplements as they enhance your day’s performance you’ll continue to build on the foundation you started with a successful morning routine.