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Sara Sigmundsdóttir:
CBD for Rest + Recovery

Getting your Zzz’s is about more than just dreaming

Before partnering with Champions + Legends, Sara Sigmundsdóttir was specifically looking for a product that would help her recover to be at her best every day as she trains and competes as an elite CrossFit athlete. It’s not always easy to get in those workouts and push through fatigue to get her training done, but Sara believes that “a little progress each day adds up to a big result”.

“A specific sleeping and relaxation product, like C+L’s Recover Series, helps me calm my nerves before sleeping and have a deeper sleep.”

Safely supporting rest and recovery

Like many athletes, a combination of pre-competition anxiety, travel and busy training schedules can make getting good rest a challenge for Sara. Research suggests CBD improves sleep quality and sleep duration, helping to deliver the deep rest needed to allow proper recovery after intense training.

Sara acknowledges that there are a lot of CBD products out there to choose from right now, which is why she considered several brands before partnering with Champions + Legends.

“Make sure that the brand you are buying has quality control, testing and research to back them up.”

With full-spectrum CBD as the main ingredient and a rigorous six-phase quality control process, Sara knows that her Champions + Legends supplements are safe to support her rest and recovery process - helping her to perform at her best.

“The big thing then is when I wake up how well rested and re-energized I feel.”

– Sara Sigmundsdóttir, C+L Athlete