Athlete’s Guide to Active Recovery [WHITEPAPER] image

Athlete’s Guide to Active Recovery [WHITEPAPER]

This in-depth whitepaper that C+L has prepared is intended for everyone that wants to know more about Active Recovery and the role that CGD can play. This whitepaper is available for FREE for anyone that registers using your email address.

You will read about details on why Athletes should consider active recovery as well as the goals, benefits and techniques for active recovery.

Everyone knows the feeling: waking up the day after a hard workout or competition and you’re stiff, your muscles are sore, and you feel tight. The struggle is real. No matter what type of athlete you are, from an individual who works out hard to be the very best version of themself all the way through to a professional athlete, a proper active recovery program is as crucial to your overall fitness as rest and proper nutrition. Active recovery has a range of notable benefits that support increased strength and agility, allowing you to get the most out of your rest days, continue making gains and capture your edge. In terms of maximizing recovery, Cannabidiol (“CBD”) can also be a very effective tool for all athletes’ active recovery routine.