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Tim O’Donnell is Laser Focused on RECOVERY

Tim O’Donnell believes in zeroing in on the things he can control when it comes to his training. And Recovery is a huge focus for him. One of the finest American endurance athletes in history, Tim has achieved multiple top 10 finishes at the Ironman World Championships, including two podium finishes in 2015 and 2019. He’s also the proud owner of two American records with the fastest Ironman times in 2013 and 2015.

Tim knows that effective tools make a big difference in getting through those tough moments to become even faster for tomorrow.

“As an endurance athlete, recovery is key, and for recovery I trust Champions + Legends... I've been amazed at how the Champions + Legends range of CBD products has allowed me to rest better, recover faster and be more prepared for race day.”

   - Tim O’Donnell


The triathlete is no stranger to working through the pain, breaking his foot seven weeks before the 2019 Ironman World Championship and becoming the first American to break the eight hour barrier in Hawaii. Tim didn’t know if he would be able to finish - or even start - the race, as he wasn’t able to run outside until a few days before the event. Despite the setback, Tim focused his training where he could.

“The biggest lesson is to not waste your energy or focus on the things you can’t control.”

   - Tim O’Donnell


Many endurance athletes rely on the habitual use of over the counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories to power through injuries that result from intense training. Tim is a fan of keeping it natural.

“I feel much better about using a product that is naturally derived from a plant versus one that was made in a laboratory,”

   - Tim O’Donnell


Tim knows that over-doing it can cause more harm than good, and tries to let his ego go when approaching training. Since he’s incorporated C+L full-spectrum CBD products into his training regimen, he’s noticed better sleep and a better ability to backup workouts day in and day out. Using the RECOVER Muscle Cream post-training sessions and the RECOVER Tincture before bed are tools essential to his drive for performance.

“I have to train smarter than I've ever done before and I have to take care of my body. I rely on the Champions + Legends range of CBD products to aid recovery and keep me performing day in and day out.”

   - Tim O’Donnell

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