True Strength and The Power of Versatility By: Thor Björnsson image

True Strength and The Power of Versatility By: Thor Björnsson

Unless you’re a follower of strongman competitions you most likely came to know me as Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane from HBO’s global smash hit show “Game of Thrones”. I was incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to be part of such a unique and amazing experience; it truly changed my life. But, I’m more than just “The Mountain”. I’m an athlete, first and foremost, but also an elite competitor, multi-time champion, world record holder, husband, and father. For me, the name of the game is versatility, both in how I train and live my life.

I was born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland, and despite being a big kid, I played many sports. I found success in basketball early on, which allowed me to put my size and athleticism to good use. I began playing semi-professionally in Iceland until an ankle injury forced me to retire at age 20. After being scouted by the legendary Magnus Ver Magnusson I began to focus on using my size and power to move into strength training and strongman competitions. Through intense dedication and training I’ve been fortunate to find incredible success in this sport.

Many might have the misconception that high-level lifting and strongman competition requires only brute strength in order to succeed, however, that’s only the starting point. In order to compete at the highest levels, you have to be a versatile athlete, particularly when it comes to your training. In Strongman you need to possess several characteristics which combine to create truly resilient athletes. These include stamina, grit, flexibility, strength and focus. You don’t get to be the best unless you dedicate yourself to what you are doing, and part of that dedication is looking at your gifts and routine holistically and embracing a range of different training and disciplines. Yes, I love the deadlift and other feats of strength, but it’s only by committing myself to continually challenging myself and exploring other sports and activities that I have been able to develop the versatility that has allowed me to compete and succeed at the highest levels of my sport.

In terms of future challenges, I’m fully embracing the challenge of testing my body in a new way by focusing on boxing as the next stage of my journey. I’m training hard, honing my skills and am extremely excited to make my debut against my strongman rival Eddie “The Beast” Hall in Fall 2020. Right now I’m laser-focused on my training and transforming myself into the elite boxer I know I can be. With this new focus comes a whole new set of physical and mental challenges. My training has shifted significantly, with a heightened focus on preparation and recovery. I’ve incorporated a range of Champions + Legends CBD supplements into my routine, both to help me prepare for the tough days ahead and to allow my body to recover after intense training sessions in the ring. I typically start my days with a couple PREPARE Softgels to help prime my body before training, or I’ll mix the PREPARE Tincture into a smoothie. After my workouts I like to use the RECOVER Roll-On Gel to massage in the formula around my arms and elbows. The full-spectrum CBD formula helps with inflammation and general muscle soreness. Whenever I use the RECOVER products I find my body is in much better shape the next day, which helps keep my training on track. By using these tools to assist me in my training I’m applying the same discipline I used to reach the height of strongman competition to continue to push myself towards accomplishing new goals.

Champions + Legends is proud to partner with a true icon as he prepares his body and mind for a whole new set of challenges. Follow along with Thor as he trains for his upcoming boxing match on @championsandlegend and @thorbjornsson.