Athletes of all types are always seeking an edge to prepare better, train harder, and recover faster. At the same time, it can be difficult to understand how best to incorporate a new tool into your daily routine, which is why we’ve created the following guide to allow you to incorporate our lineup of custom formulated products.

In terms of initial usage, we suggest starting with a low dose, so your body can acclimatize to CBD. While CBD is a safe and all natural, plant-based compound, you may want to try different form factors to figure out which ones you prefer.

A great way to kick start your day and prepare for physical activity is to use our PREPARE series of pre-workout supplements. Try mixing our PREPARE Tincture into your morning coffee or smoothie bowl before heading out the door, or pop a couple PREPARE Softgels after your morning shower to improve concentration.

When you begin your workout, whether it’s a run, weightlifting, or anything in between, try 6-9 sprays of our PERFORM Oral Spray to give you a boost of CBD when you need it most. You may also choose to use the PERFORM Oral Spray during certain types of workouts where you feel you could benefit from added focus, allowing you to get your head in the game.

Following your daily workouts you can use the products in our RECOVER Series to supplement your body’s natural recovery process. Our RECOVER Muscle Cream can be applied to specific muscles or joints to provide soothing, concentrated relief after you shower. Feel free to repeat application about 60-90 minutes after initial application if you find the formulation helpful in addressing soreness and inflammation. The RECOVER Transdermal Patch is great for long-lasting relief, and can be worn overnight, providing a continuous dose of CBD.

For those who struggle to relax before bed, you may wish to try placing our RECOVER Tincture under your tongue approximately one hour before you wish to go to sleep. By pairing our RECOVER Tincture or Softgels with a proper sleep routine, including limiting the use of blue light emitting electronics and engaging in light reading, we believe you should find it easier to get a restful night’s sleep.

Just as training should be highly customized to suit each individual athlete’s body, so too should your usage of our arsenal of CBD products be adjusted to accommodate your body’s response to them. By starting with a low dosage and experimenting with different form factors over an initial period of four weeks you will allow your body to communicate its response to our formulations, providing you the ability to adjust your dosage in response.