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What is Full-Spectrum CBD? Learn All The Facts [UPDATED]

UPDATED - March 21, 2021 - It is almost impossible nowadays to walk down the street and not to hear the word of CBD. Within a short span of time, CBD has become part of our lexicon because of its health & wellness benefits with products ranging from sleep aids, stress and anxiety tools, pain-relieving supplements, beverage, cosmetics, and more.

Full-Spectrum CBD oil is one of the three forms of CBD available in the market and is the standout of the three because it possesses the hemp plant’s complete cannabinoid profile. The long and short of it is that with less processing and all of the natural cannabinoids, Full-Spectrum CBD is the most effective type of CBD extract, able to offer the most benefit to users.

There are many brands on the CBD market these days, and it can be hard to differentiate which type will work best. Most commonly you will see brands using either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate CBD in their products. Widely recognized as the most potent and effective form of CBD, full-spectrum CBD offers any consumer the most potential benefits.

With increasing health issues in human bodies, people are constantly seeking for natural and effective methods to manage, treat, and cope with health conditions. Full-spectrum CBD products have acquired immense popularity amongst consumers because of their success in dealing with different forms of pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, gut health, and more.

To put it simply, CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, this oil safely and naturally helps with a large number of health conditions. Today, hundreds of CBD products are present in the market, including CBD tinctures, CBD softgels, CBD topicals, and many others for people to benefit from.

However, CBD is an extensive-term. For someone who’s trying CBD products for the first time, you may find it hard to distinguish between the ones you want. Thus, here are three variants of CBD that are available in the market:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • CBD isolate

First, let’s find out what is full-spectrum CBD, and learn more about the other types. It will help you understand and answer many of your questions.

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?

Among these three, Full-Spectrum CBD is the most difficult to extract the most expensive but also the most effective form of CBD available. It has numerous effective naturally occurring chemical compounds found in hemp plants called Cannabinoids that have been found to treat a variety of health issues. It includes multiple cannabis plant extracts, high-concentration cannabis oils, and other powerful ingredients like Terpenes, cannabinoids, and a minimal amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which up to 0.3% is legal in the USA.

There are three different component ingredients within full-spectrum CBD that are specialized and serve a specific function in CBD products, we can break down full-spectrum CBD as:

  1. Cannabinoids: Having a presence of more than 120 types of cannabinoids today, With over 120 naturally occurring plant compounds - known as cannabinoids - in industrial hemp, each compound plays an important role in the overall effectiveness of CBD products. These cannabinoids include natural CBD, CBG, CBN, and a trace amount of THC. These cannabinoids all work together and provide what is known as ‘the entourage effect’. This plays an integral role in keeping the body Endocannabinoid System working smoothly and promoting health and wellness. Full-spectrum CBD undergoes less processing when extracted from the hemp plant than other forms of CBD. Having the complete range of naturally occurring plant compounds and cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD provides maximum benefits.
  2. Flavonoids: Full spectrum CBD has a major presence of different Flavonoids to provides natural color and taste to the compound. There are nearly 20 different types of flavonoids in CBD that are obtained from natural fruits and vegetables. The basic purpose of flavonoids is to protect the body from harmful reactions of free radicals and grow strong antioxidant agents.
  3. Terpenes: Terpenes are also naturally found in the hemp plant They are present in full-spectrum CBD and responsible for giving a fragrance, aroma to the plant. Terpenes also help in enhancing the plant healing properties for quick and effective results.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil Definition?

Since we now know what is full-spectrum CBD, CBD oil is simply the extraction of the full spectrum of cannabis compounds and terpenes into an oil using process that is the same as how other essential oil is extracted like lavender and mint oil. This oil has beneficial healing and therapeutic properties. CBD oils are quite powerful but do not get you high or have any other psychoactive properties..

Full-spectrum CBD oils are also non-toxic, which means these oils naturally produce a soothing effect in the body to deal with issues like anxiety and stress.

The Key Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Versus Broad Spectrum & Isolate CBD

Full Spectrum CBD

Well, we now know the numerous benefits of full-spectrum CBD because of all 120 cannabinoids and the entourage effect they provide. Now, let’s compare its benefits with isolate CBD and broad-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD is the purest form of CBD from the hemp plant.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD has all the plant compounds with the exception of THC which has been removed through a chemical process. Broad Spectrum products do not provide the entourage effect where the majority of the health and wellness benefits of CBD use are derived. The removal of THC is done purely for social stigma rational and makes these products less effective.

Isolate CBD

Isolate CBD is the least effective form of CBD available in the market and is largely being phased out. Although Isolate is considered 99.9% ‘pure’ CBD, the lack of the other plant cannabinoids make these products inferior. Isolate CBD crystal-like powder form of CBD that through chemical processes has all other cannabinoids removed from it.

Why should I choose full spectrum CBD?

  • Full-spectrum CBD has the following advantages over Broad-spectrum and Isolate CBD
  • Full-spectrum CBD is purest and least processed.
  • The effect of CBD gets enhanced due to the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes in full-spectrum CBD oil. This is called the entourage effect that is largely absent in broad-spectrum CBD and not available with isolate CBD.

What benefits can I get from full-spectrum CBD oil?

CBD possesses numerous benefits for everyone. Here are more details on the benefits of CBD:

Benefits of using Full Spectrum CBD:

Benefits of using Broad Spectrum CBD:

Similar but much less effective than full spectrum CBD products

Benefits of using Isolate CBD:

We recommend not purchasing any Isolate CBD products

Do you need a prescription for CBD oil?

No, you don’t need a prescription of CBD but consulting your physician or healthcare provider is always recommended. You can purchase CBD from retailers or from online stores.

Is CBD legal?

CBD became legal CBD in 2018 with the passing of the USA Farm Bill. State by state rules and regulations can differ and international laws are changing on a regular basis.

Summarizing What We Have Learned

Here we are at the end of this detailed guide about what is full-spectrum CBD and other relevant queries that you might often have while buying CBD products. Lastly, make sure any CBD product you buy is from a trusted source and has been independently tested.

Also, try to use any CBD product for up to 14 days when you expose your body to it for the first time and monitor its effects on the body. Always consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns.

At Champions + Legends we use full-spectrum CBD in all of our products because we believe quality inputs offer our customers the best potential results.

To ensure the high quality standards demanded by elite athletes, our full range of custom formulated CBD is tested six times throughout the manufacturing process. We make sure it works, so you can work harder.