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Why Can’t You Buy CBD On Amazon?

It’s never been easier to get pretty much anything you want on Amazon. From kettlebells to hand sanitizer to e-books, this one-stop-shop is fast, convenient, and offers almost anything you could imagine. So it should make sense that it also would be a great place to buy CBD supplements right? Not so fast. Despite its reputation for convenience, it’s not the right place to buy CBD. Allow us to explain why.

We love Amazon too, it’s easy, the selection is huge, and the shipping is fast. But the problem with Amazon and CBD is two-fold. For starters, Amazon doesn’t actually sell CBD products, so you won’t be able to find them on their site. While CBD supplements are fully legal, some of the laws surrounding its sale are complex and payment processors like the ones used by Amazon are unwilling to process sales of CBD products, so Amazon is unable to sell authentic, high-quality CBD products.

Secondly, Amazon sells what’s known as “hemp products”, which are basically CBD imitators with no actual CBD content that are often of very dubious quality. It can be even more confusing because if you search for “CBD” on Amazon you’ll find a number of products for sale. So, what’s going on? As we said earlier, Amazon can’t sell true CBD products, however, it can sell imitation products that use hemp oil but are made to seem like they contain CBD. These hemp products use only oil extracted from the hemp seed and aren’t governed by the same laws and regulations that govern CBD products, so Amazon is able to sell and market these products in place of CBD. While “CBD” and “hemp” descriptions are often incorrectly used interchangeably, the two aren’t the same thing. Furthermore, hemp oil products often claim to offer many of the same benefits that true CBD does. But don’t be fooled, they’re cheap imitators. Why? The difference lies in the lack of natural plant compounds, known as cannabinoids, in these so-called “hemp products”. While the hemp oil used in these products does come from the same plant, the oil does not contain any of the beneficial cannabinoids that are the foundation of true CBD products and therefore can’t provide the benefits offered by CBD. Simply put: the hemp products you’ll find on Amazon do not, in fact, contain any CBD. While they may be packaged to look like CBD products and described in ways that sound a lot like CBD, they simply aren’t the real thing. So, don’t be fooled! We know it can be confusing, and many consumers just like you have been duped by these products on Amazon.

With CBD available in so many different forms and locations, the first thing you should do when considering purchasing CBD is to ask yourself the following questions: “Am I getting my CBD from a reputable brand? Do they have rigorous quality control and inspection protocols in place to measure CBD and THC content?” In reality, the best way to ensure you’re getting high-quality, potent CBD supplements is to purchase them directly from a trusted brand. Make sure they offer clear, accurate information about their products, manufacturing processes, and quality-control. Finally, look for a product guarantee. If they aren’t willing to stand behind their products, be wary, they’re probably not that good in the first place. By considering each of these factors you can buy with confidence and experience the full range of benefits a CBD routine can bring to your athletic preparation, performance, and recovery.

At Champions + Legends we have chosen to use full-spectrum CBD in all of our products because we believe it’s the most effective form of CBD with the greatest potential to help athletes of all types train to the best of their abilities. In order to ensure the high-quality standards demanded by elite athletes, our full range of CBD supplements is tested six times throughout the manufacturing process. Everything we do reflects our commitment to excellence so you can train harder, for longer, with confidence.