Only a small number of truly special athletes have an impact that transcends their sport. This rare breed makes their mark on a greater stage, challenging their fans to how we perceive athletes as a whole. CrossFit competitor Alec Smith is just such an athlete. Known for his impressive gymnastics skills and powerful heavy lifts, Alec is a barrier-smashing superstar who is redefining what it means to be an LGBTQ+ athlete and activist both in the gym and out.

Strength and athleticism run in the Smith family, as both of Alec’s brothers are recognized CrossFit competitors and Alec’s father is a Masters CrossFit competitor. After growing up as a gymnast, Alec quickly found another outlet for his impressive combination of strength and athleticism when he found CrossFit. He began competing in 2013, quickly rising through the ranks as an elite competitor and team member. Alec is consistently a fan-favorite and though he has battled injuries and setbacks in the last few years, he always bounces back with renewed strength and determination. Alec always inspires, not only with his in-competition performance but with the integrity and spirit he lives his life with.

But training and competition are only part of Alec’s remarkable story. Though he’s faced many challenges competing amongst the very best in CrossFit, Alec’s toughest challenge may have been in sharing his truth. Smith came out in 2019 in a heartfelt message to his Instagram followers and shared his story of struggle with accepting himself. As he continues to define his path as a competitor and inspiration to athletes around the world, Alec is an incredible example of the power of both sport and embracing individuality.

Alec is currently living and training in Nashville, Tennessee and represents CrossFit Krypton, where he continues to battle against his brothers to be the strongest and fittest in the Smith family, let alone on Earth. At Champions + Legends we’re honored to partner with an inspirational athlete like Alec as he continues to break barriers and records as he continues to ascend to the peak of athletic performance.