For endurance athlete Ben Hoffman it was a remarkable twist of fate that put him on a path to become an elite triathlon competitor, 7-time Ironman Champion, and repeated top finisher in both full Ironman and Half Ironman disciplines.

The Grand Junction, Colorado native first discovered triathlon the summer after his freshman year of college while exploring Alaska on a road trip. A chance car breakdown led to some downtime at a local library where he happened to come across a book about triathlon. His interest piqued, Ben joined the school’s triathlon club once he returned for his fall semester at the University of Montana. Tapping his competitive desire as well as his natural ability, he immediately excelled throughout the college triathlon landscape. His passion for both training and competition lit, Hoffman went pro in 2007 after he spent the Summer of 2006 competing and winning small events around the US. Major career highlights include 7 Ironman wins, a second place finish in the 2014 Ironman World Championships, two top-5 finishes at the 2016 and 2019 Ironman World Championships, and 7 Half Ironman Championships. Still at the top of the sport as one of the US’s best endurance athletes, Ben consistently challenges for the podium with his combination of grit, dedication, and desire to push himself to the next level.

13 years after his pro debut, Hoffman has been through it all. From the highs of top-level competition to the struggle of trying to bounce back after injuries, Ben truly embodies what a Champion is. For him it’s about the whole picture, “Part of why I do this is for the pursuit of the highest level of sport, but a lot of it is lifestyle-based. I really love getting out there and training every single day. I get to push myself, see what I can do, and live a healthy lifestyle.”

All-new challenges also continue to motivate him as well, whether it be long-distance mountain bike competitions or his off-duty roles as a husband to his wife Kelsey and father to his daughter Josie. With many competitions and miles ahead of him, at Champions + Legends we’re proud to partner with a champion like Ben in his pursuit of excellence in competition and training.