James Harrison is a legendary athlete, teammate and individual who lives his life with the drive of a fierce competitor. A two-time Super Bowl Champion, five-time Pro Bowler and former NFL Defensive Player of the Year, James has achieved continued success through a relentless commitment to discipline and hard work. James continued to compete at the highest level of professional football until age 39. His career longevity is unprecedented in many ways, and even more impressive when you consider he did so on the defensive side of the ball.

While part of a man’s character is built into his DNA, other aspects find their origins in how we were nurtured, and James is no different. He was the youngest of 14 children growing up in Akron, Ohio, and his mother served as the disciplinarian in his household. Even mealtimes were a competitive sport in their home. A star athlete in high school and college, James was deemed too small for the NFL. Through sheer hard work and determination, James finally earned a roster spot with the Pittsburgh Steelers, after spending two years on the practice squad and being cut four times. He continued to push through rejection and adversity and eventually got his opportunity to take the field.

James would go on to enjoy a 15-year career. Among his many career highlights, James returned a 100-yard interception for a touchdown at halftime of Super Bowl XLIII, setting the Steelers up for victory against the Arizona Cardinals, which still stands as the longest interception for a touchdown in Super Bowl history.

James continues to compete and maintain a strict fitness regimen that is on par with the world’s most elite athletes. His primary residence is still in Pittsburgh, but his training home is in Phoenix, where his team of professionals converges to support his active training regimen. His daily workouts on his Instagram page are a thing to behold and are frequently shared by media outlets and his loyal fan base.

Champions + Legends is proud to partner with James because of his dedication to excellence and his champion’s mindset. His career wasn’t a straight shot to the top ranks of the NFL. He worked for and earned all of his successes, enduring and eventually overcoming multiple physical injuries and other setbacks to become a proven leader on and off the field.

James possesses the heart of a champion who cannot be beaten. Through his continued pursuit of excellence, his legendary status continues to grow and extend to a new generation of fans eager to exemplify the values which have brought James to the heights of elite sport and athletic performance. We are proud to have James as a member of the C+L Team.