At Champions + Legends (C+L) we believe that all of us possess the potential and the mindset to improve our health and well-being by putting in the time and effort.  We know that some days are more challenging than others but that with dedication and resilience we can push past doubt and ultimately become better versions of ourselves. We believe that any of us can achieve anything we want as long as we are willing to put in the work for it. We define success by our ability to prepare, perform, recover and repeat it all again tomorrow. 

We started C+L because we believe in the power of CBD not only to help improve overall health and wellness through active recovery. Our belief in CBD isn’t just marketing, it comes from personal experience. Our founder, who was dealing with numerous injuries after years of training, was searching for a natural and effective alternative for relief of muscle pain and inflammation. He was tired of risking long-term health consequences with the continued use of prescription and over-the-counter medications, so he turned to CBD supplements. Despite seeing some early results, he was unsatisfied with the majority of the CBD products he tried, so he set out he sought to create supplements that were high-potency, rigorously tested, and which leveraged the science of the entourage effect in which the full spectrum of naturally-occurring plant compounds working together for maximum benefit.

What began as a personal solution turned into a mission as he experienced the benefits of high-potency, full-spectrum CBD and the effect it had on his body’s ability to address muscle pain and inflammation to achieve recovery. Recognizing that athletes of all types face similar challenges and could benefit from the power of CBD, an idea took shape and C+L was born.

We are using the lessons we’ve learned to launch custom product formulations that will enable you to continue pushing forward and achieving personal bests. We take this mission very seriously, committing ourselves to the highest standards at every stage in the process, including the independent testing of our product six times throughout the manufacturing process.

Our team is composed of athletes, some who competed at the highest levels and others that just compete against themselves to stay strong and healthy. We are runners, CrossFitters, climbers, skiers, weight lifters and everything in between. In short: we are our customers, and we have developed products we are proud to use ourselves. And we’re not alone: our team of athlete partners represent a broad range of sports and athletic styles and each of them possesses the heart and mindset of a champion - relentless in the pursuit of excellence. The common thread among all of us is our dedication to achieving our personal best through sport and athleticism.

We are committed to your health & wellness and seek to optimize your physical and mental well being for optimal performance. In doing so, we are constantly seeking an edge and believe CBD can catalyze our daily training regimen in support of your goals.

C+L looks to our athlete partners as inspiration, recognizing their discipline and passion as critical components of their success. We’ve made the conscious decision to focus on individuals who remain committed to training and competing, and in doing so we are able to constantly refine and iterate on our approach so that we can provide the very best CBD solutions on the market.