We provide all of our customers with a 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee: if you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return it for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date. No questions asked, even if you’ve used every last drop.


We are committed to transparency and ensuring all of our products meet the highest possible quality standards. All C+L CBD products undergo a six-phase independent testing protocol.

  • Phase 1: The industrial hemp plants used as raw materials for our products are first tested at the time of harvest, prior to initial acceptance and purchase.
  • Phase 2: Upon passing the first phase of our testing protocol the raw hemp material is sent to a facility where it undergoes an extraction process using CO2, resulting in a pure form of full spectrum CBD oil, which is tested a second time.
  • Phases 3 & 4: Once the CBD oil is received by our manufacturer, it is tested two additional times prior to being used in manufacturing our custom formulated products.
  • Phase 5: Batches of manufactured products are tested a fifth time prior to packaging.
  • Phase 6: The final phase of testing involves sending samples of final products to an independent lab for final verification and quality checks before shipping our products to the warehouse for distribution.


How To Process A Return

Unsatisfied and looking to make a return? No problem, we're here for you.

Simply reach out and a dedicated member of our team will respond shortly to ensure we deliver a solution that fits your needs.

Email us at support@championsandlegends.freshdesk.com or use the contact form below and a member of our team will get right back to you to assist.